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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most extensive and complicated aspects of digital marketing.

In short, it’s the science and art of ensuring that search engines will show the right content to those looking for it.

SEO has developed into a more advanced and nuanced system over the past decade. You used to be able to dump keywords on a page or cheat the system if you knew how to hack it and rise to the top of search results with little problems.

But search engines, especially Google, have cracked down on these deceitful practices and have encouraged and rewarded a more holistic approach to search results.

Remember, Google’s job is to give you the right information, fast.

That means Google wants to make sure searchers find the best information for their search at the very top. So if your bounce rate is high (visitors leave quickly after visiting), that means the visitor expected something different or it took too long to load.

As the bounce rate grows, you’ll slowly fall down in the ranks because you didn’t provide the right information, fast.

SEO isn’t a quick and easy fix.

More often than not, it’s a relatively time-intensive process at the beginning and a slow trickle of constant improvement over many months.

But the good news is that if you’re falling in the ranks and want to rise to the top, it’s absolutely possible with a long-term investment strategy and we can help you get there.

So your question shouldn’t be IF we start improving SEO for your website, but how soon we can start!


  • Run audits and test your site for problems
  • Ensure your site passes speed tests
  • Write blogs
  • Build outgoing links
  • Reach out to potential partnerships for backlinks
  • Ensure the right keywords are being used
  • Edit image descriptions on website
  • Paid advertising
  • Much more!

Questions We Answer

  • Does your website have authority?
  • Do you get great engagement?
  • Do visitors stick around a while and click through the site?
  • Do other people link back to you? Do you link to others?
  • Do you have plenty of relevant content with strategic keywords?
  • Does your website take too long to load?
  • Do you have security issues or broken links?
  • If you’re a local brick and mortar, can people find you and then find the information they’re looking for?

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